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How efficiently you can own a start up


When you start a business, your focus is to save your money, time and to make your startup more efficient.

Customer support out-sourcing has many advantages for businesses across all industry verticals. start-ups in particular are in a position to gain a lot from business process outsourcing.

OfficeCalls is a customer support provider company who offers customer care services over VOIP & Chatbots at a nominal fee, which Entrepreneurs and SMBs can hire to make their startups more efficient and profitable.

Below are some key benefits which start-ups may experience after hiring the customer support services of OfficeCalls.

Low operating cost

Customer care out-sourcing is an attractive business strategy for start-ups because you save lots of operating cost.

When you outsource the customer support services you do not have to invest in additional office space, equipment, recruitment, training and salaries.

At initial stages of the business, you might not get more queries to hire the customer care employees, train them, and pay them monthly salaries might not be viable for your startup.

Hiring the cost-effective customer support services of OfficeCalls can help you to get the job done for a better quality at much less financial investment. 

Save time

Hiring and training of each new employee takes lot of time, efforts and $. When you outsource to one of the best BPO Company OfficeCalls you do not have to worry on the recruitment & training process.

Moreover you will get the best customer support team to assist your clients/customers.


When you outsource the customer support of OfficeCalls for a nominal fee you do not have to worry about the fluctuations in the call volume.

OfficeCalls can efficiently manage your calls and reduce your call center expenses.

When your call volume rises because of marketing or other seasonal activity, OfficeCalls can effectively handle your calls without compromising the quality.

Quality Control

OfficeCalls handle all of your calls very professionally. Resolution at the first call and low revert time is the top priority for our company.

To ensure the quality we use different kinds of tools, technology, and strategy. Our routine assessment makes sure that the customer is getting the best support.

We keep all the calls recorded so you can check the recordings anytime and give us suggestion if you have something in your mind.

Focus on your core responsibilities

By hiring cost-effective OfficeCalls customer service support team you can allow your startup to save money and work efficiently.

Customer support outsourcing is a proven growth fact for many start-ups from all over the world across all industry verticals.

If you are a startup or SMB hire the customer service support team of OfficeCalls to help or assist your customer/clients.

How efficiently you can own a start up